Monday, January 18, 2021

Blog Calendar by CoSchedule


You’ve likely heard it a thousand times over that to be successful with content marketing, you need consistency and organization.

 It can seem easy until you find yourself winging it for the most part and becoming one of those random-posters with no strategy, no organization, and no consistency. Whether or not you’re a small business, there’s no benefit to this method of doing things.

 The reality is, staying organized and consistent is tough, but it helps to have a plan or map to guide you and this is where the ease and genius of CoSchedule comes in.

 CoSchedule is a calendar-software platform helping bloggers and startups stay organized. Using an efficient blog calendar by CoSchedule is a game-changer and we will explain why and how in a few seconds.

 Why a Blog Calendar by CoSchedule? 

Maybe you missed it before, but it’s possible to stay organized by making use of tools like printed calendars and spreadsheets. All you need to do is plan out your blog or content to your needs and stay accountable to your plan. 

CoSchedule offers the same benefits but with more to make blogging much easier for you.

 With Blog calendar by CoSchedule you can;

 • Create a clear list of ideas specifically for blog posts and drag and drop items in your calendar as needed. 

• Integrate with WordPress, Google Doc, Email providers like MailChimp, Active Campaign, and Campaign Monitor, social networks, Google drive, and more.

 • Automate processes, collaboration, publishing, and even communication with your team.

 • Customize, reschedule, visualize, and even write your posts all in one place. 

• Enjoy greater content marketing success and stay accomplished with goals. 

• Stay accountable. 

How the Blog Calendar by CoSchedule works and How You Can Use It 

CoSchedule has been developed to bring organization into churning out blog posts or content. But the software can do so much more like managing your entire marketing strategy.

 To access the blog calendar by CoSchedule, you have to create your account and CoSchedule starts you off with a 13-free trial – no card required, yayy. Click here to use my referral link!

Once you’re logged in, you will get directions on where or how to start. You can begin by listing your ideas under the blog post category. 

Use a decisive color theme to help you recognize your blog posts in the calendar. 

Integrate the services you need with CoSchedule. 

Click on the idea box or add (+) icon in the calendar to flesh out your idea. You can choose to go straight to WordPress, Google Doc, or Google Drive to write or open your blog post. 

CoSchedule offers editorial prompts like the headline analyzer to help you get the best headline for your blog post. You can add social campaigns and publish your posts on the scheduled dates through CoSchedule. 

You can also create team tasks or organize by roles to help you get from start to finish with your blog calendar. 

There’s more you can do with CoSchedule and based on your precise needs you get to customize the calendar as you want. 

Be sure to check out the blog editorial calendar view to see everything in one place.

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