Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Candytopia is a sugar-filled Instgrammable hot spot that has been in the Lenox Marketplace since February.  I had the privilege of attending the night before they opened to the public and if you haven't been yet please continuing reading my five things to keep in mind when attending Candytopia. XOXO, Tatyana 

1. PICTURES GALORE! This place was made for Instagram. Seriously soak it all in. There's plenty of staff to assist with your "offguards" and make sure you get that perfect post. 

2. TOUCH BUT DON'T LICK! All of the artwork in Candytopia's is made from real candy and you are free to touch but no licking haha. And while you're touching the artwork make sure you check out the fun facts listed. 

3. CANDY OF COURSE! In each of the seven rooms, there are candy samples that you can take with you but they do have handy dandy signs telling you to be mindful of how many you take. You don't wanna be caught stuffing handfuls of candy in your purse!

4. STRAIGHT LINES ONLY! The exhibit is linear and through different rooms so once you leave one room you won't be able to re-enter so make sure you didn't leave any belongings or got all of the pictures you wanted. 

5. MARSHMALLOWS! The marshmallow pit is definitely worth the wait and should be saved for last. The last room is a marshmallow pit is arguably the most fun room complete with a giant pool designed to look like huge Jet Puffs Marshmallows. No shoes are allowed in the pit so be sure to bring some socks. 

Have you been to Candytopia? Tell me all about your experience in the comments. 

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